Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why the LSO?

My husband of lifetimes is known to many as the Long Suffering One, or LSO. No-one has ever suggested that the name doesn’t suit him. Here are a few reasons why.

I was so disgusted after a stay in hospital that I wrote to the local paper. A reporter phoned me. I explained that the doctors and nurses were wonderful. I then went on to relate the story of the meals served up, describing the vegetable risotto as some cheap rice boiled in the water from the cleaner’s mop bucket, with a razor-thin slice of mushroom and a single pea added. The baked potato, I suggested, was something picked up off the floor of the operating theatre where someone had been castrated.
The following day the LSO and I were walking towards a newsagent’s when he spotted the A-frame board outside. On it were the words – Local Woman’s Hospital Nightmare.
‘I hope that’s not you,’ he said.
It was.

When the LSO had his heart attacks I wrote about them in one of my regular columns, sold a proposal for a book by using them – the editor said she didn’t usually laugh on a Friday afternoon – and then sold a story to one of the ‘psychic’ type of magazines because we’d both had the same dream about his father coming to visit him in the cardiac care ward. When a copy of the magazine arrived in the post I tried to hide it from him. On the front cover it said – Colin’s horror as dead dad comes to get him.

When I was on Deal or No Deal, not long after those heart attacks, the LSO was sitting in the audience holding hands with Anita Loughrey. It was a tense show – possibly for everyone except me. I was enjoying every second. When there was a break in filming, Noel Edmonds suggested we get some fresh air. When we were outside I told him about Colin’s brush with death – cardiac arrest and multiple heart attacks. ‘You’re enough to give him another one,’ he said as he rushed back into the studio to check on him.

Now, do you think the name suits?


  1. Oh yes the name suits but I bet amongst the 'suffering' there is so much laughter he wouldn't have it any other way.
    May 2016 bring you all the 'suffering' laughter and dreams come true that could be wished for you. :-) xx

  2. The other LSO thrives on handling challenging compositions. I imagine your LSO is no different, Lynne. ;-)

  3. I love the way you turn horrible truths into laughter, Lynne. And I bet the LSO relishes every moment. Not a dull moment. Love to you both. Have a lovely week.

  4. Lynne, the trouble is that for me, LSO will always be the London Symphony Orchestra. But he certainly deserves the title.

    1. I took a lesson from you, Frances. I guessed I'd get more views by putting LSO in the title. I once told a group I was visiting that I'd need somewhere to stay for the night and could they accommodate the LSO too. They panicked, thinking I e=meant the orchestra.

  5. He loves every minute of being with you, Lynne. He's a lucky man. Xx

  6. I think the name suits him very well and I know he wouldn't have you any other way :-) xx

  7. Your blog has really cheered me up, Lynne. Thank you x

  8. Your blog has really cheered me up, Lynne. Thank you x