Monday, February 08, 2016

15 steps to celebrating a 134th birthday

1.  You need to be born on the same day as your partner. (We were both born on February 6th.)
2.  Your ages need to add up to 134. (I told everyone he was 100. I was 34.)
3.  You invite friends and family to a drop-in day. ‘Drop in any time between 11am and 4pm,’ you tell everyone.
4.  You plan easy food – cheese and biscuits and drinks.
5.  You order a selection of cheeses from a deli. The expert behind the counter tells you how much you need for thirty to forty people. You decide you know better and double the amount.
6.  You tidy the house the day before.
7.  On the morning you lay the table and wonder if there’s enough cheese.
8.  From 11am to 11.30 you sit and worry whether anyone will turn up.
9.  Just after 11.30 guests start arriving. It’s time to relax.
10. You have a fantastic time and (hopefully) so does everyone else.
11.Someone decides it would be a good idea to end the day with a curry. A couple of guests say they’ll come with you.
12. By 5pm everyone has gone, except lovely daughter and great son-in-law who are staying the night. They help tidy up.
13. You realise the guy at the deli was right and wonder what to do with a barrow load of left-over cheese.
14. You laugh so much over curry that you need Rennies at bed-time.
15. The birthday couple (me and the Long Suffering One) go to sleep dreaming of our wonderful day and being grateful for all the good friends we have.


  1. Glad you both had a great day. Happy birthday to you both!

  2. How lovely! And do send us the spare cheese. Or you can freeze it.....I think. Happy Birthday(s).

  3. Sounds absolutely magical. If you can go to sleep dreaming of a wonderful day and good family and friends - you've got it made haven't you :-) Happy birthday(s) again xxxxxxxx

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You kept that quiet until now. The date is fixed in my diary for next year. So pleased you had such a great day. You fully deserve it! Cheese leftovers: cheese and potato pie, cheesey puffs, quiche, cheese tarts, cheese souffle - apart from the souffle everything can be frozen :) Have a lovely week!!

    1. Thanks, Nicola. I expected the birthday to show up on FB but it didn't. Maybe because they knew I'd lied about my age.

  5. I hope you both had a lovely birthday - it sounds as though you did. The need for rennies is usually a good sign that a good time was had!