Saturday, March 12, 2016

Overheard this week

I was in a café, standing at the counter trying to decide which cake to choose. There was plenty of choice including a good gluten-free selection. I’d narrowed my choices down to lemon drizzle or mocha when I heard the lady in front of me ask, ‘What flour do you use in the gluten-free cakes?’
And the assistant’s helpful answer was – (roll of drums here) -
‘Gluten-free flour.’

A little later, as I tried to leave this café I found the door blocked by two elderly ladies. The one was telling the other, ‘My knee is really bad. I can only bend it 90 degrees.’
I resisted asking whether that was forwards or backwards.

And that’s it because for the remainder of the time I’ve been at my desk. This week has been productive. I’ve written up a couple of interviews, started and finished two short stories and added 3000 words to the ghosting project. I’ve been working hard but I'm not bragging because I know this won’t last. My writing energy is erratic.


  1. Two lovely laugh out louds. Wonderful

    Good for you Lynne. You have been working hard. It's good to hear though that a prolific writer like you has erratic writing energy too. Very comforting! xx

  2. Love those! And love the fact you are writing lots :-) xx

  3. Sounds like you deserved that piece of cake, Lynne. So glad you are in the zone! Enjoy another productive week!