Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Book Blog - Perfect Meringues by Laurie Graham

In future I am going to blog each Wednesday about the book(s) I’ve read during the week. Last week’s was When We Were Alive by C J Fisher. You can see this two posts down.

This week I needed something lighter so I chose Laurie Graham’s Perfect Meringues  

You can always rely on Laurie Graham to entertain and her books are all so different from each other. She has to be my favourite author, along with Phil Rickman. 

So, the last three words on the first page are ‘shit for brains’. The main character, Lizzie, is talking about her daughter. Lizzie has lots of problems besides the daughter. She’s in her forties, divorced and is a cook on Midlands This Morning. Her dream is to hit the big time on television but it looks as if that is never going to happen. Add to that find a man, and the one she gets on really well with – until they have a massive fall-out – is gay.

I laughed out loud so many times when I was reading this. It’s a sheer joy. And the final chapter. It was so stunningly brilliant that I read it three times.


  1. Sounds like the tonic you needed after a hard journey through Wales, Lynne. Keep laughing! Sending positive vibes through the Welsh Ether for a quick sale!

    1. Thanks, Nic. A quick sale is what we want.

  2. Thank you for the recommend Lynne. Heading off to get it now. I've been lucky enough to have hit on some fantastic novels recently, one after the other, real unputdownables, and there is nothing like being totally lost in a good read is there :-) xx

  3. You'll love Laurie Graham, Sue.

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