Thursday, March 17, 2016

When We Were Alive by C J Fisher

When We Were Alive by C J Fisher

When I read the blurb I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book. It mentions three people living in a world they are powerless to fix and anyone who knows me will also know that I don’t believe we cannot fix this world.
Bobby is a magician who falls in love with Rose when he is only 12.
William is a drunk until he meets Dawn.
Myles is adopted but writes long letters to his real mother.
In the end all three are linked.
There are lots of other memorable characters in this story. I almost cried for Montecore. Read it and you’ll find out why.
Anyway, the book. It kept me awake half the night and that wasn’t because I was reading it – it was because I had finished it and couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s one of those books that haunt you long after you’ve read it.
These three characters all think too deeply and are self-absorbed which, I find, always leads to depression. (I'm so glad I'm frivolous!) Cheerful or what? So how come it kept me reading? I wanted to know what happened to each of them. I hoped they’d find happiness and some did, fleetingly.
Would I recommend When We Were Alive? Yes, I would. I liked the twists and turns, the surprises and the exploration of insanity it held.
This is C J Fisher’s first novel. I wonder how she’s going to top it.

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  1. I'll be adding this to my reading list :o)