Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After the clearing out

This is one of the cleansing rituals that works for me. I'm telling you all about it as Julie asked for details. We've both been having a good clear out of all the rubbish from our writing spaces but cleaning and clearing aren't always enough to get rid of the negativie vibes.

I use these tiny dishes, one for each corner. They contain the elements of air, fire earth, and water. I use salt for earth, a candle for fire and this morning a leaf fell into my hand so I'm classing that as air. After cleaning my room I place one dish in each corner. Light the candle and leave for an hour or more. It always works for me.

Other methods are -

Using a mister filled with water and a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil. Spray around the room.

Light some incense. Walk around the room leaving a trail of perfumed smoke.

Shift energies by clapping, putting a wind chime near an open window or ringing a bell.

I know this isn't going to be suitable for everyone and I was a bit dubious about posting it, and then I thought why not share my methods. After all there are no negative vibes in my writing room. And I happen to love little rituals like these.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr Squeal

This is my friend, Mr Squeal. He's called that because our grandson, Dan, when tiny, couldn't say squirrel and it came out as squeal.
Mr Squeal is on the bird table. I can actually go outside and talk to him. He's not spoken to me yet but he listens to what I say to him, which is more than the LSO does on occasions.
I feel a bit guilty about Mr S because we've been away for a week and returned to find that the nuts and assorted food had run out. Just to compensate we've just put out some cooked rice and crumbled Digestive biscuits.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pink Stinks continued

My daughter, Leanne, was brought up to have wide horizons. Yes, she, like today's girlies in pink, wanted to be famous but she tried everything, not just pink and girly things. This is what today's little girls should be allowed to do. It doesn't take a pink bicycle to compete in a time-trial. Leanne's bike was blue and had a cross bar. Cross bars make a bike stronger. Girly bikes without crossbars were made when ladies riding bicycles wore long skirts.
I could go on and on and on but I won't. Take a look at Pink Stinks and you'll see what this campaign is all about.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pink Stinks

Three cheers! Someone is finally doing something about Girly Pink. See and follow the link from there. I can't do links but I expect someone out there will soon tell me how. (And square sunshine is a brilliant blog to have a mooch around.) Little girls do not have to live in a pink world. They are not all little princesses and it's about time some parents got a reality check. Isn't blue for boys and pink for girls a little outdated now?
I am allergic to pink. Furthermore my grandson, Dan, is allergic to 'girlies in pink'. A few years ago I used to have to check the supermarket aisles before we turned each corner just in case there was a girlie in pink in that particular aisle.
One of my husband's reflexology clients when filling in medical details put pink under allergies.
I love red and orange and green. Come to think of it I'm all traffic light colours and would never even use a pink comb or toothbrush. Pink is fine in the garden. A few pink things for girls won't hurt but this obsession with stinky pink makes me see red!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Long live the King

I remember the days when the sun warmed my bare arms, when the grass was dry and springy, when the sky was blue.

It seems a long time ago. It's still raining here and it reminded me of a Ray Bradbury story I read many years ago. The title has disappeared along with the sunshine but the story remains fresh in my mind. Britain was being evacuated because the weather here was unfit for humans. (Amazing how fiction can become reality.) At the final airlift one man refused to be moved and, as the helicopter (I think) took off, that man ran around, completely insane, declaring himself King of England.

I'd taken a picture of a miserable grey landscape to add to this blog and then decided to spread some shunshine instead. The picture was taken while we were on our travels around the coast of Britain. It's sunshine and blue sea on the Isle of Skye.