Friday, June 25, 2010

You Gotta Get A Glory

I'm missing my books. We had to temporarily leave most of our collection at the house in Wales. I thought that was all I missed but yesterday I looked at the wall above my desk and the words were missing. You see, I used to have a postcard with some uplifting words from an old Negro song, stuck above my computer. I remembered them well but wanted to 'see' them so wrote them out and then thought I'd share them with you. I changed one word - write was originally tell.

Oh, you gotta get a glory in the work you do.
A Hallelujah chorus in the heart of you.
Paint, or write a story, sing or shovel coal
but you gotta get a glory or the job lacks soul.


  1. But isn't it hard to keep that Hallelujah chorus going in the heart... or is it just me?

  2. Some days it's deafening, others it can barely be heard.All we can hope to do is keep trying, Rosalind.

  3. One of my favorite inspriational poems. Do you not have the entire poem, or did you abbreviate it because of space considerations?


    1. That's all that was on the postcard, Dave. I'll go Google it now.

  4. This poem is set to a beautiful song of the same name. Does anyone know of it?