Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SWWJ weekend in Cambridge

Frances, me, Pat and Ivy, from left to right. New friends made over the weekend spent at the Lucy Cavendish college, Cambridge. While I was there I led two sessions on 'Using Personal Experience in your writing' which is what my book Writing From Life is all about. And now I'm off to Titchfield in Hampshire, followed by Hastings for more workshops.

Next week I get my MRI scan and I'm not looking forward to it but the doctors need to know why my back won't hold me up for more than a few minutes. 'Then we'll know what to do with you,' I was told. For my many friends who have wondered the same thing, watch this space.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the bright side

I had difficulty putting on my Pollyanna head lately so I can't say with real enthusiasm that I'm glad my email packed up allowing me more time to write. I found it very hard to smile when the memory failed on the computer and then, three weeks later, the hard drive conked out. I didn't exactly suppress a giggle when I discovered that the book I'm writing wasn't on my memory stick, even though I'd copied it there and the computer had confirmed this. It was telling lies at the time, just before dying completely.
Now I am smiling. I'm back online. There are hard working and reliable new innards in my computer and I've rewritten everything I had lost. Now it's over to you. One fatality was my address book so if you think you were on it before, or want to be on it now, email me so I can keep you. Please!