Sunday, October 31, 2010

thoughts from my golden notebook

As we approach home, in the dark and in torrential rain, the Malvern Hills are hidden but I feel them like a loving arm around me.

The Universe sends me the perfect message - Visualise, Show up, Happy dance. Lynne, you can do this. (That arrived on the day I was so nervous about having the MRI scan.) You too can receive messages from the Universe by signing up at

A duck sits on the tree stump sticking out of the water. Her feet are huge and dayglo orange.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Three beautiful things

1. Colin (LSO) tiptoes into my writing room and leaves me a cup of tea and a big glass of raspberry and cranberry juice.
2. The mist outside lifts and the sun comes out just as I start printing out the pages of my book.
3. The tightness in my shoulders disappears, like the mist, as the printer churns out the final page. It's going to be all right.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why did I do that?

Almost every day, I try to go out for a walk. I've not been very mobile this year so every walk is an achievement.
Yesterday I found myself in the park, tip-toeing past the pond because the ducks were all fast asleep, heads tucked under wings, and I didnt want to disturb them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Friends Award

Thanks to Teresa Ashby for awarding me this - the Sweet Friends Award. Now, as part of the package I have to tell you six things about my writing. Ooo-er!
1. As a child I always had my head in a book, reading one or writing one. My mother thought I should be running around and always told me I was lazy. I grew to believe it. Now I fight against that belief but still don't think I work hard enough or write enough.
2. When I began writing, back in 1080 (that was meant to be 1980 but who knows? I could have been writing in previous existences), I used lots of different names, now I'm comfortable with my own.
3. I have a Hit List of people who have annoyed me during my lives and am bumping them off in stories. I'd recomment this. It helps disperse anger and resentment. It is also the reason I am the only member of my entire family who does not suffer from high blood pressure.
4. I found a sister through writing. Glynis Scrivens contacted me about writing short stories and later adopted me and allowed me to adopt her as a sister. I'd always wanted one.
5. I keep a golden notebook filled with beautiful things. It's where I write about the good things that happen in life and is somewhere to turn to when I feel low. Actually I can't remember the last time I felt low.
6. I am so glad I'm a writer and not a writer's partner. Sometimes I feel sorry for the LSO having to put up with me but he's had lots of practice. We've been together since 1067. For this time around read 1967.