Monday, February 14, 2011


I wish I could say the LSO hurt his back when he was carrying a body on a stretcher across the hills on a dark night in sub-zero temperatures. He did that as part of his Search and Rescue training but the truth is he was cutting his toenails when his back locked up. ‘Facet joint lock-up,’ said the physio and handed him a pair of crutches. ‘Terrible pain,’ said the doc and handed him a prescription for hefty painkillers. ‘No alcohol,’ he added so LSO didn’t tell him it was our birthday. (Yes, we share a birthday.)
We went out for a meal with friends, “A” and “E”. They are young enough to be our children so were able to manhandle LSO into their 4x4 and yank him out at the pub. We all pushed and heaved him in through the door. ‘Every table full. Sorry,’ said the landlady. We heaved and pushed the poor LSO back down the path and into the car. Eventually we found a pub with an empty table (Recession? What’s that?) I couldn’t see the menu because it kept moving – got an ear infection which affects my balance. The LSO drooped over his cutlery trying to ease his facet joints. “E” filled two chairs, one for her seat and one on which to rest her poorly knee. “A” set off for the loo, ear cocked (Oops!) to listen for any pings in the pan. He’s waiting for kidney stones to pass. We didn’t mention ailments all night. The meal was excellent and a happy time was had by all. I'd recommend the trio of school puddings with a jug of custard. Pure comfort food!