Friday, June 10, 2011

70% of nothing is nothing

Take a look at this link - and read about some of the realities of self-publishing. One of the biggest self-publishing companies admits that is has published the worst collections of poetry the world has ever known - not that the world will read it as most books only sell to friends and family of the so called author.
It's as a writing friend said to me the other day, 'The public are now reading the slush pile'.
And a non writing friend said she had been given a novel to read and if it had been her first she'd never have read another book. I knew the author and had to explain about real publishing and self-publishing. The public don't know the difference but most know good from bad.
I'm not saying all self-publishing is bad but do read the link. I could have written it myself, but didn't. And I didn't ghost it either!


  1. Great link, Lynne - made very interesting reading!
    Teresa xx

  2. Which is exactly why I've abandoned the collection of selected poems I've been working on, and won't be self-publishing anything else.

    A timely post, Lynne.

  3. Your poetry is a long way from the sort mentioned in that article. It has always been considered OK to self-publish poetry but poets still need to know if their work is worthy of publication and, from all the comments from strangers on your blog, you can be sure yours is.