Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lorraine Mace

And here she is! Lorraine Mace, fellow columnist in Writing Magazine.

Lorraine kindly asked me to contribute to her blog. The subject, Ghostwriting. Thanks, Lorraine. You can find me over on

A reminder. You still have a chance to win a copy of my book, Ghostwriting - How To Write For Others. Just visit the blog entry two below this one and answer a ridiculously simple question, or copy everybody else's answer and I'll pull a name out of a hat - yes, a real hat, on June 10th.

And in case you missed it, I've a double page spread about ghosting in the new Writing Magazine.


  1. Off to read the interview now Lynne. Thanks.

  2. What sort of hat?

    Haven't read my WM yet, but looking forward to your spread :)

    Teresa x

  3. It's a Boss Hogg hat, Teresa. I'll post a picture on the 10th.

  4. And a brilliant article it is too, Lynne. Very informative.

    Julie P who can't comment as Julie P at the moment!!

  5. Nice one, Lynne. Just back from reading the article.

  6. Enjoyed the article, Lynne. How much ghostwriting have you done? And do you enjoy it?

  7. I didn't think of the speeches and poems I wrote for friends as ghosting. Not for a long time. Then I was asked to ghost a book and I've been doing ghost work ever since, mostly small stuff. Other ghosts helped me with the new book, telling me of their experiences.