Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being positively productive

Thank goodness for Simon Whaley's book, The Positively Productive Writer. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting whilst saying things like, 'I do that', 'I used to do that and will start again', 'I ought to do that', 'I'll do that in future'... You get the picture. It's all positive stuff meant to keep writers going as opposed to teaching them how to write. I'll be reading it again. And again. It's the kick up the backside I so often need. You need it too. You know you do.
It's also helped me to realise that these last three weeks of no writing don't matter. I will catch up now that I have a new computer - the old one had a fatal illness. It's taken me a while to choose a new one and get it organised. One problem was I'd never de-fragged the old desktop so many files are in the wrong places. As Betty says, 'De-fragging doesn't sound like something a lady would ever do.' I didn't back up often enough either. Now I'm paying for it.
So with the sound advice from Simon and some words from The Universe - 'Turn up and keep taking baby steps' (see www.tut.com for your daily message) I am ready to dazzle my way through 2012. The brightness began with an acceptance from Fiction Feast. I had a 100 percent success rate with short stories last year. I wrote five and sold five. Must write more this year. For some reason I stopped writing them. Unlike my sister, Glynis Scrivens, who in 2011 sold 57 stories. What an inspiring sister to have. You're glowing, Glynis!