Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three good things

I haven’t been on a bus for years. This one takes me ‘all around the Wrekin’ as we say here. The driver turns down all the side roads and we twist and turn until, finally, we reach the Library. If I’d walked it would have been two straight lines with one left turn but I’d have missed the scenery.
Morning coffee turns into lunch and then afternoon tea as Sue Johnson and I have a Mammoth Chat about our writing lives. The Library café makes a good venue.

I’m spared another mystery tour on a Midland Red bus when a neighbour pulls up and offers me a lift in his car. Unlike the bus, this doesn’t have square wheels.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunshine makes me happy

The sun has a positive effect on my spirits so I am going to blog about 3 Beautiful Things.
1.       My friend Trish texted to say my spinechiller is in the new Fiction Feast.

2.       My eye-test today and I’m delighted that I do not need new specs.

3.       My writing room is decorated. The LSO can put away roller and brushes for a week or so while I unpack books and boxes and make it look like my room.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Coral Flair

I should be writing but the house move means there are other creative things to do. A look at the Dulux colour guide has convinced me I need a Coral Flair feature wall in order to inspire creativity in my writing room. This will mean that the green carpet will have to go. How I wish someone at the Labour Exchange (that’s Job Centre in Olde English) had suggested I train for interior design work but it didn’t exist back then. I only had two choices – to go into the carpet factory or work in an office. I went to the offices of the Kidderminster Shuttle as a junior. For those who won’t know, the Shuttle is the name of the Kidderminster newspaper.
I digress. Back to Coral Flair. Before it can go on the feature wall there are cracks to fill then sand down. Furniture needs moving. Certain things need dust sheets to cover and protect them. All the  boring preparation stuff has to be done before I can dip my brush into the colour that will inspire me over the coming months and years.

Does anyone know how to get a job making up the names and descriptions of paint colours? I could fancy that.

Friday, May 04, 2012


I am busy packing and spring cleaning our current home before we leave it next week. The shower does not look good, mostly because we have hard water here and there are lots of lime stains on the glass. On one of the shopping channels (I just happened to hop to during a rest period) I saw an amazing steam cleaner so I bought one. Not from the shopping channel but from a well known electrical store. Now my dilemma is do I wear protective clothing when steam cleaning the shower cubicle or do I go in au naturel?
I asked my daughter for some advice and she said, 'Get Dad to do it.'
She's a clever woman. Maybe I'll go with that.