Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Short story news

www.alfiedog.com  is now carrying over 900 short stories for 240+ authors around the world and is bringing out short story collections as well now, including one launching tomorrow for Sarah England. Well worth taking a look.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A taste of things to come...

The team at John Hunt Publishing isn't psychic. I chose my own cover so that's why it features all my favourite colours. There was another one that I liked - it had butterflies on it - but I'm glad it's this one now.

Some of you may remember that the National Association of Writing Groups published a little book of mine ages ago called The Handy Little Book For Writers. Handy Hints for Writers is a larger, more expanded, wiser version. Wiser because I've learned a lot more since the NAWG one was published.

This one, Handy Hints, has a launch date of 30th August when, no doubt, you'll be hearing lots more about it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We apologise for the technical hitch...

Many of us will know the frustration of technical problems and Julia Douglas has had her fair share lately. It was due to technical problems that publication of The Showman's Girl was delayed. I posted about this earlier. Now, to compensate for any inconvenience to anyone who couldn't find it over the weekend, it's going to be free on iTunes for a full month.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Re-run of my television appearance

I've just heard, from a friend who was on Deal Or No Deal with me, that my show will be on Challenge Channel on Sky TV tomorrow, Wednesday 17th. If you want to catch it you'll have to make an early start. There are two shows, one of which will be mine, starting at 6am but they are on again on Challenge + 1 an hour later, obviously.
Challenge is also on Freeview. I may be up early tomorrow. I'll consider it a refresher course as I'm giving a talk on my experiences at the Dream Factory to a local WI group on Thursday evening.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Roll up! Roll up! It's free!

April 20 is World Circus Day. To celebrate, my fragrant friend is giving away a free download of The Showman's Girl by Julia Douglas. This is happening between April 13 and April 23 on the iBookstore and Amazon.

The Showman's Girl is a romance about a girl who runs away with the circus in the 1930s.

HANG ON! HANG ON! It's still free but due to a technical hitch won't be live until World Circus Day. Sorry, you'll have to wait until Saturday.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Bigger! Bluer! Better?

Yes, it's bigger than my white rabbit.
Yes, it's bluer. And it's fun.
That's my daughter standing in front of the ten foot hippo she found.
No, it's not better.
My rabbit was made of stone, or at least concrete and we had a sensible chat. I bet this hippo is just full of hot air.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter bunny

Today I saw a six foot tall Easter bunny. If I'd told you any other day you'd believe me, wouldn't you? But this is April Fools' Day so you'll need this photo as proof.

We were exploring a country lane near Twyning, Worcestershire, and there he was leaning on the fence, waiting for someone to chat to. I obliged. He said it was cold for the time of year and had I seen Alice? And then he turned his head to look for her.

I reckon this counts as a Giggle blog as devised by Susan Jane Jones. (susanjanejones.wordpress.com) My new friend certainly made me smile.