Monday, November 25, 2013

A step back in techno-time

 I have just realised why my thumbnail has a dent in the tip. It’s from texting. Who came up with this silly idea and can you add to my list of why texting is stupid?

1.      The beep, beep, beep as letters are added drives me mad.

2.      It’s only one step away from Morse Code. Before we could speak to people via a telephone we used dot dot dot dash etc. Now we can speak but we text instead. Where’s the sense in that?

3.      People do it when driving. I nearly dragged a woman out of her car when I saw driving and texting with a small child sitting in the front passenger seat. The lights changed to red, she nearly missed that and the red light gave me the opportunity to leap out and give her a lecture. I managed to restrain myself.

4.      People text when crossing busy roads. I’ve avoided several texters recently. When I was in a hospital waiting room a young man, with broken nose and two black eyes, was texting next to me. When he was called he stood up, still on his phone, and walked into a pillar. The nurse later told me his first injuries had been caused when he was texting and walked into a wall. Some people never learn.

5.      Texting hurts my thumb. Repetitive strain injury is a real threat but I don’t text enough for that. Perhaps I should say it’s damaging my thumbnail. I’m a bit vain about my hands.

6.      Text speak can be misunderstood. Example. ‘Sorry yr dog died. LOL’ Could be Laughing Out Loud.

7.      And what about predicted text? Who wants a machine that thinks for you? Not me. My brother gave me a phone because no-one could work out how to switch off predicted text. I thought I’d managed it and began a text to thank him for the phone. I wanted Hi Phil. I got Hi Pig.
OK. It’s useful. The recipient of a text can pick it up at their convenience. If you’re busy you can ignore a text and save it for later. But how about a service where you could chose between phoning someone or simply leaving them a short voice message? Instead of Create Text we could have Create Voice Message and save all that bloody beeping and thumbnail damaging.

Rant over.


  1. I text a reasonable amount but never when it's dangerous or unsociable - I tore a strip off my daughter recently when she was round for coffee and spent the whole time texting... click, click, click. Also, phones used for any reason should be an absolute no no at the dinner table or in restaurants.

    1. Good on yer, Wendy. Are we being old-fashioned or trying to instil manners?

    2. Both, probably... and I don't care!

    3. I so agree with you about predictive text! It's such a damn nuisance! The iphone one is not too bad as it generally guesses the right word and corrects me.

  2. You made me laugh Lynne, but I've just had a new Nokia smart phone and I'm in love! The touch screen is very sensitive so no sore thumbs. I'm like a kid with a new toy. But definitely no texting on the move.