Saturday, November 30, 2013

From typewriter to e-book and out soon

Back in 1989 I wrote Racing Start on a manual typewriter. It was published by Blackie in 1991.

Last year I was asked several times to sign copies of the book when I was at cycle races. It made me think about updating it and getting it out there again.

It's out soon, with this new cover and as an e-book.

Here's the blurb -

Joe Astley is thirteen, undersized and useless at football. His father, an ex-professional footballer, would like Joe to follow in his footsteps but Joe wants to become a racing cyclist. He needs to prove to his dad that he is good at cycling and, at the same time, defeat the school bully.

Joe’s life turns around when he meets Sid, coach to the local cycling club. With a little help and a lot of determination Joe sets out to achieve his dreams but it’s not easy with the school bully as his biggest rival.
This novel is as fast-paced as the racing, and packed with insights into starting out in the cycling world.


  1. Are you a cyclist or just a cycle race fan, Lynne?

  2. I used to do time-trials, Wendy. Our son was a semi-professional on the Continent and my husband is now a commissaire for British Cycling. Nowadays I watch and help when needed. My bike was lighter than my handbag and sprayed to match my nail polish.

  3. That sounds a good read Lynne. Very best of luck :o) xx