Monday, November 04, 2013

November Giggle Blog

Last week I had to have an ECG. The nurse said I should go behind the screen and take off my sweater. ‘And are you wearing tights?’ she asked, looking at my legs. (Judge for yourselves.) I was so tempted to say no.

I was even more tempted to tell her I was of mixed race – white at the top and black at the bottom.
Don't you think nurses should be more observant?


  1. That's really strange, Lynne because I had to have an ECG last week as well! I said to the nurse, "Why are you putting those things on my ankles, it's my heart you're supposed to be checking?" Shows I've never had one before!

  2. Lynne, what are you, who are ever encouraging us all to get down to/get on with our writing, doing potographing your own legs? Writers' block? Power cut? Proud of your legs? We (I) need to know.

    1. Frances, my legs were once voted the Best In Kidderminster! Not so good now but the picture proves I can still lift them high enough to get on to the desk. And no I don't have writers' block. I was sort of celebrating after knocking out a short story in record time - about 20 minutes. I was certainly not kicking my heels waiting for inspiration to strike. Funny what writers get up to, isn't it? I know one who took her keyboard apart to clean it.

  3. Oh, Lynne, that's a screamer as usual. You never fail to make me smile. xx