Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I could be royalty

Six weeks since the operation to rid me of Writer’s Bottom (and no it wasn’t liposuction). See several posts below for details. I cannot believe that something as simple as an abscess could cause six weeks of discomfort. I am typing this sitting lop-sided and wondering if I will ever be able to sit on a hard wooden chair again. So many restaurants have them these days that I may be forced to carry around my own cushion.

I have a blue mark on my arm which I told my grandson, when he was little, was a sign of my Royal blue blood showing through. He believed that I was a direct descendant of the Princess who could feel the pea underneath a mountain of mattresses. Now I’m beginning to believe the story myself. I am made of delicate stuff.

Another reason for the blue spot is that it may be a transmitter fitted when I was abducted by aliens.

Beam me up but mind my bottom!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brought up not to brag

It was so refreshing to see a post on LinkedIn inviting members to brag about their book. Bragging was frowned upon when I was growing up. It wasn't done. If you bragged you were big-headed so it was a surprise to be invited to brag. Someone had said their book was an Amazon best-seller as it was listed somewhere around 100. What actually constitutes an Amazon best-seller and how long does it have to stay in one position to be classed as one?
Well, I haven't a clue how to use LinkedIn so I'll do my bragging here. And here we go...
My book got to number 3 on Amazon. That's right. Number Three!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April (already!) Giggle Blog

1.One of my best friends is Elizabeth (Betty) Moulder. She writes short stories for Woman’s Weekly and other magazines. Recently she had a dilemma. She was booked in to hospital to have a small lump removed from the side of her nose and the letter she received said she needed someone to take her to, and collect her from, hospital and to stay the night with her. Obviously, I volunteered. Where’s the dilemma? I hear you asking. Well, it said the driver/carer had to be a responsible adult and Betty reckons I don’t fit that category. I am now booked to be the cheerer-upper, post-op. I am going to look for a big hat with a veil so that she can cover her bruises and stitches and I can take her out to lunch.
2. My visits to the nurse for new dressings are now well into double figures. (See blog below for more info.) I'm there every other day and the  surgery waiting room is beginning to feel like a second home. When I told the nurse this she said that the time to worry is when one of the receptionists actually says Hello Mrs H.
Guess what happened this morning?

3. I have two mobile phones. If I lose one I can use the other to phone and find it. My hope is that I never lose both.