Monday, October 27, 2014

Go on. Reveal a fantasy.

 Reveal a fantasy -- Imagine what could be and let your words shape its reality.
This is the second suggestion for blog ideas from Brian Feinblum.

I’ve been giving this one some thought and, apart from the usual for writers- creating a best-seller – or for most people – winning the lottery, I can’t come up with a fantasy. Maybe it’s because I’m happy with life as it is. But here is a made-up one I came up with a few years back whilst at Writers’ Holiday.
The men sitting at our table were discussing the class they’d been to on erotic writing. One was trying to embarrass us. I don’t do embarrassed so when he challenged me, asking what my erotic fantasy was I told him – and he blushed. Want to hear it? It’s more silly than erotic and came off the top of my head but I always believe that if you say something with conviction it sounds true. Here goes –

I said, ‘I’ve always wanted to go on a child’s slide, a big one, and land in mud at the bottom. With no knickers on.’

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Writing Day

Many of you will know that I interview a writer each month for Writing Magazine's My Writing Day.  I've always fancied doing this myself and letting everyone know about my writing day but I'm probably not allowed to interview myself. Now someone else has asked me to tell them about My Writing Day. You can check it out here.

I've no idea why I'm in so much demand lately but I'm not complaining. And please don't give up after the first couple of sentences. I think if this magazine was paper the LSO would have thrown it across the room when he read the start of this. You need to read on at least until the top of the first photo.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What to blog about

Help! I don’t know what to blog about. How fortunate that Brian Feinblum gave me (and everyone else on the planet) a list of things.  Here’s his link and what he says.

Brian Feinblum, the creator and author of BookMarketingBuzzBlog, is the chief marketing officer for the nation's largest book promotions firm, Media Connect (, formerly Planned Television Arts, and has been involved in book publicity and marketing since 1989

Brian then says, ‘It always amazes me when some writers say they don’t know what to blog about. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps what they need is a template of general topic areas that will generate an idea of what you can write about. Here are 39 areas one can blog on:’

Number 1 is to share a memory so here goes. One night last week I gave a talk on How and why you should write your memoirs and I asked my audience what their first memories were. We had some good ones. Mine is when I was three and was bridesmaid at my Aunt’s wedding. I remember the scratchy feel of the lace on my dress and the soft velvety feel of the fake flowers on my Alice band. And I remember my Aunt turning around to look at me as we walked up the aisle and, seeing me trailing my posy of flowers down at my side, hissing, ‘Hold those flowers up.’ So I did, for a few seconds.  Just long enough for her to face the front again.

If you want to start with number 1 then feel free to post a memory here, or perhaps it’s something you could do on your own blog. There are 38 more ideas to come at some point. As they say, Watch this space.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Complete with photos and confessions.

Writing is not often considered a 'proper job'. Actually, being self-employed was never considered a proper job, by my mother. She'd keep asking when the LSO was going to get a proper job, and then she started asking if I was going to get one.
If you want to see a Proper Job nip over to the link below and see how beautifully Susan Jones has presented an interview with yours truly. (Complete with photos and confessions.)

Monday, October 06, 2014

Blooper headlines

Did anyone else think it was unfortunate that right next to the lovely picture of Victoria Hislop on the front cover of Writing Magazine were the words – MORE BOOM. LESS BUST? I immediately looked down at Ms Hislop’s neat bosom.

These little bloopers happen when positioning pictures and words and most people won’t notice. (Actually, a few more will now that I’ve pointed it out.)

I’ve made the same mistake myself. Many years ago, I was putting together a page of a newspaper. After being present at a council meeting I’d written an article about the number of homeless people in Worcester. I included a head and shoulders shot of one of the lady councillors who, I seem to remember, had rather a lot to say about their plight. All OK so far but I placed the photo directly beneath the headline which read GRIM PICTURE FOR CITY HOMELESS. I may as well have added ‘Cut out and keep’ underneath the photo.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October giggle blog

I’d been writing for so long that I realised people would think I was ancient so, a few years back, I came up with a cunning plan – I’d knock ten years off my age. Nice people would say I looked fine and not so nice might think, or even say, ‘She’s had a hard life if she’s only **.’
I then realised my daughter would have been born when I was ten so I told her to take ten years off too.  That meant the grandson, Dan, needed to drop a decade. I broke the news. He was nine at the time.
‘That’ll make me minus one,’ he wailed. ‘I don’t want to be minus one.’
He didn’t get a choice. The following year, on his tenth birthday, I sent his Mom a card saying, ‘Congratulations on the birth of your Baby Boy!’

And there’s more…
We’ve been laying slabs and stones around a tree stump and underneath it all placed a membrane which is supposed to stop a lot of weed growth. Yesterday we noticed that a large chunk of uncovered membrane was missing. It was semi-circular and looked as if something had chewed through it. Then, last night I spotted the culprit. A little fox. I shooed him away and then felt guilty. The membrane is soft and probably makes a cosy blanket wherever he lives. I wondered if he’d come back for the remainder of the roll. He could bring a mate and they could take an end each and carry it across the garden to the hole in the fence. I could even hear him saying (in Fox) to his mate, ‘Left a bit, right a bit,’ as they manoeuvred it through he gap.

 And from Sue Blackburn
Well I was in a rush but even so…
I'd been cleaning (no that's not the giggle although it well could be) and afterwards was in the bathroom putting on a bit of lippy as you do, and doing the old hair before going out. Tweaked to relative satisfaction I duly sprayed it. As I'm reasonably quick on the uptake in some areas I knew immediately something was not quite right. I'd used the spray polish. And no it didn't make my hair lovely and shiny.