Sunday, May 15, 2016

A challenge - three beautiful things

I always enjoyed a blog called Three Beautiful Things. It’s closed now but I admired how the writer managed to find three beautiful things in her life every day. It’s not easy, especially when beset by problems or illness but when I read her daily blog I always managed to find three of my own beautiful things.

I only have to look out of my kitchen window at the view of the Severn Plain and the city of Worcester in the distance to know how beautiful this area is. I love the misty mornings (heat haze) when the spires of churches appear out of the mist.

The huge bunch of flowers a friend brought for me that was separated into four different vases. Each vase looked beautiful but I took time to really look at each flower. They are incredible works of art.

A cup of tea can be a beautiful thing, especially when it’s made by the LSO and carried upstairs to my desk. I will often sit and drink it mindfully. That means do nothing else but concentrate on drinking the tea, the taste of it, the warmth of the mug, the steam on my face.

I think you need to be mindful – the new buzzword – to appreciate anything. What’s the use of being in front of an amazing view if you’re texting at the same time? What’s the point of being with friends if you’re messing about on some bit of technology?

I throw out a challenge for anyone reading this. How about, once in a while, you post three beautiful things on your blog, or leave them in the comments here now.


  1. the beautiful lavender plant I've just planted on my patio.
    Rich, ruby red glass of wine I sipped whilst preparing dinner.
    The waves breaking majestically as we walked along the seafront in the sunshine. I never take it for granted living by the seaside. xx

  2. The sun shining on the bright new leaves on my oak tree. A smile from a lovely lady on my walk this morning. The joyful song of the birds when I woke up. What a lovely idea, Lynne :-) xx

  3. Great post! Three beautiful things today: morning coffee in bed; a walk through the countryside with my hubby; sitting on my new swinging chair in the garden watching the birds play. Life feels perfect when we take a moment to think about the good things. Thanks Lynne.

  4. That is SO true. I'm guilty of staring at screens and not the world around me, even when I have a beautiful view!

  5. 3 beautiful things from today: a sunny walk through the village with my dog and my man; I won afternoon tea for two in a competition; we put up our new parasol on the patio and it looks good! (oh and your book 'Writing from Life' arrived in the post! Looking forward to reading that later).

  6. Hi, Lovely Lynn. Helen will enjoy that book, I have it, it's full of humour and great tips. My three beautiful things from today. Being able to call and see mum and dad, give them a hug and enjoy a cup of tea with them. Spending time with my hubby as he had a rare day not working all day. And enjoying a late cuppa in the deckchair down the garden while reading through my latest chapters. Off to do that now, cheery bye..xxxxxxx