Saturday, May 07, 2016

Oops! A broken end.

A friend arrived carrying a cactus. She’d seen the collection I had growing in a beautiful bowl (part of a jug and basin set but the jug was broken) and thought I’d like another to add to it. The new arrival was three feet tall and was slightly bent at the top. It must have taken years to grow. I sat it on the floor in the porch ready to be re-potted but two days later as the LSO took his coat off the hook it hit the cactus and broke the end off. There was still a bit attached. My friend must have had it for years. Within two days we’d wrecked it. But all is not lost. A cocktail stick (no pun intended) was inserted between the two broken halves and it was secured together. Once re-potted it leaned to the left so it’s now being supported by a cane. Send it some love so that it will heal. I’ve called it Phallus Giganticus Eerectii.

There's the bowl and, at the back, to the right of the cane, is the PGE.

And here's the top end of it. Rather bent. And I really must look for a thinner cane. The cactus needs support until it's put down roots in its new home.


  1. Love your cocktail stick solution almost as much as your name for it :-) xx

  2. Great name, Lynne! I'm sure the cactus will heal quickly. They're hardy things. It's possibly the only plant that doesn't die on me. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sending healing thought to the PGE (fantastic name!) Lynne. I can just imagine your faces when you realised what had happened! :-) xx